Personal & Professional Qualifications

Dr. Rebecca Shaheen is a married mother of two from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She earned her Bachelor and Master of Science in Nursing degrees from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and in 2009, she completed her Doctorate of Nursing Practice from Waynesburg University. As a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association, Dr. Shaheen advocates the importance of mind, body and spirit for wellness.

In the Pittsburgh area, the breadth of Dr. Shaheen’s career has ranged from bedside and home care nursing to director of staff development education, college nursing department chairperson, and college professor. Her vast teaching experience in both medical-surgical nursing and mental health nursing has enabled her to reach many students in undergraduate and graduate courses and share the importance of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), such as reiki, reflexology, aromatherapy, and others.

Dr. Shaheen is tech-savvy — she teaches computer applications in healthcare and, as a former Chief Technology Officer (CTO), she has gained a reputation as a leader in technological adaptations. This skillset is complemented by her ability to create non-threatening atmospheres and impart a tone of calmness and flexibility. This concept of serenity is reinforced in her everyday life through the practice of Qi Gong and regular meditation, and through imparting reiki energy to her clients. Her intense appreciation for nature and spirituality make her especially attuned to the energies that surround us all.

Therapeutic Approach

Because of her approachable demeanor, Dr. Shaheen is respected for her wisdom in providing guidance and helping others set goals and solve problems. She considers her life coaching abilities to be her true calling.  Her quiet demeanor and excellent listening skills put her clients at ease when sharing their thoughts and concerns.

Dr. Shaheen’s life coaching technique focuses on the present and looks toward the future, unlike psychotherapy, which focuses on past problems and issues. In your coaching sessions you will be shoulder to shoulder, walking together, and viewing a meaningful, purposeful life from the same perspective. With the guidance of Dr. Shaheen’s empathic and pleasant attitude, you will discover within yourself the enlightenment to determine the next steps in your life journey.

Awards and Recognition

In 2008, Rebecca was selected by CCAC faculty to receive the NISOD Excellence in Teaching Award for teaching and leadership excellence in institutions of higher education. In 2009, she received the President’s Innovation Award for initiating a web-enhanced Fast-Track Nursing Program at CCAC, Boyce Campus.

Recently, at the International Conference for Teaching & Leadership Excellence, Dr. Shaheen presented an informational session, “Generalizations on Generations: How Age Affects Attitudes and Learning.” She was subsequently featured on the educational STARLINK network as a faculty expert in the field of Continuing Education for Colleges.